SFC 2583

Rewinders corrugated rolls

Fully automatic – all the way to pallet

Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder has been developed to help enhance the efficiency of your production. Either of the two principal models with their associated optional programmes can always be integrated into your existing or planned production line for SFC, regardless of demands on roll dimensions, numbers out and production capacity.

One of the most obvious advantages of Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder is the high production speed that can be achieved by means of fully automatic reel changes during operation, along with the rapid, simple transition between production batches. Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder also offers a significantly improved working environment, partly thanks to user-friendly software and automated functions that eliminate the manual lifting of heavy loads.

SFC 2583

Fully automatic

  • Cut in high speed

  • Less operator dependent

  • Retains high speed even while rotating shafts

  • Rapid, simple transition between production batches with automatic knife and tape-positioning.(Option)

Product sheet
SFC 2501


  • Cost effective

  • Shear cutting knives

  • Web tension control

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The rewinder can be equipped with an automatic Upp-ender, erecting the roll verticaly unto a pallet.

Automatic knife positioning

With automatic knife positioning you increase efficiency in the production and lower transition time between orders.

Tape positioning

Automatic tape positioning is further a tool to increase efficiency in the production and lower transition time between orders.


With a printer it is possible to mark the rolls directly out of the machine.

Special solutions for other materials

Abrasive cloth rolls, Rubber rolls, Dishcloth

Fully automatic rewinder Neupack, Polen
Semi automatic rewinder Smurfit Sheet Feeding UK

Experience and trust since 1996

Pivab has experience since 1996 of design and construction of rewinders for the single face corrugated industry.

Manufactured and assembled in Sweden

To achieve high quality machines we manufacture most of the mechanical parts at PIVAB. We assemble the machine in our factory and test every machine before shipping to customer.