SB Fibre® & Re-board®

Edge-banding machine

Pivab has been the leader in producing machinery for production and converting of SB Fibre® & Re-board® Edge banding machine, punch, liner removal tool and partial pluckier.

Among the range of accessories for SB Fibre® & Re-board® converting, PIVAB has developed a product for easy application of plastic Edge bands The applicator is built to suite the need of sealing the edges of Re-board® 10 and 16mm thick. The applicator works with hot-melt glue and as a standard it is equipped with a 4kg adhesive melter. PIVABs machine is the best choice for edge sealing in most SB Fibre® & Re-board® applications and can also be used for other similar board products.

Product sheet

Complicated shapes

PIVABs Edge banding machine ensures fast and easy application even for complicated shapes.

Inner and outer radius

The Edge banding machine can handle both inner and outer diameter curvatures of different sizes.

Diffrent thicknesses

With enclosed sets of tools and nozzles, the machine can be set to operate on different shapes and SB Fibre® /Re board® thicknesses.

Opperate with foot pedal

For easy operation with both hands freed for board control, the speed and glue are controlled by means of a foot pedal.

Technical specification:

  • Modell: Edge Banding 3201
  • Size: 1800×1050 mm
  • Table height: 900 mm
  • Power: 3x400VAC 50Hz
  • Air: 6 bar
  • Board thickness: 10 and 16mm as standard