SB Fibre & Re-Board tillbehör

Liner Remover

When working with converting of board a need for partial removal of the outer layer, mentioned the liner, often arises. This tool is a good help in such a situation. It is delivered with tools for removing 30 and 50 mm width of the liner.

Partial pluckier

The partial pluckier tool is used for removing pieces of the board for insertions of connecting boards. It removes 50x16mm material at a time. The Pluckier tool is pneumatically driven so air supply is needed.

Punch for Edge Stripes

This is a machine which facilitates usage of different fasteners when using SB Fibre®/Re-board® in a number of different applications. It opens up a convenient way of applying Screws when there is a need for attaching boards together or other devices to a board. The punch is pneumatic driven unit controlled via a foot pedal. Easy change of internal punch tools with different shapes is one obvious advantage.

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