Machines personnalisées

Pivab create unique solutions for converting paper, corrugated paper, cardboard and plastic products in close cooperation with the client.
It pays to invest in reliable machines from Pivab.

We manufacture machines in a wide variety of fields:

  • Rewinding and slitting materials.
  • Unwinding from our roll stands.
  • Slitting and cutting materials.
  • Packaging, glueing, lamination and tape-applying solutions.

Our customer requests can be everything from small in-line solutions or fully automated converting lines.

Line to cut and rewind rubber membrane. 

Customized rewinder with web-guiding system and print solutions for both sides of the membrane.

The rolls are wrapped in plastic-protection

A gantry-robot places the rolls in selectable stack-patterns on pallets.

pallet robot

Rewinder rubber membrane

Rewinder –  Tape-applicators – Printing system – Automatic core-feeder


Production line for Insect-protection to the reforestation industry.

Unwinding stand


Hot air to weld PE-coated cardboard

High precision cutter

Stacking of products.


Laminating line with sheeting and folding to make single-use bed sheets.

Unwinding stands

Tension and web-guiding systems

High precision cutting and folding

Stacking and bundle wrapping.

Bedsheet machine

Roll stand with spliceing ability. 

Unwinding for a converting line.

Automated splicing and tension-control.

2014-10-17 14.59.30 (1)

Tape application


Units that add tape at high precision to a product.