Roll Stands

Roll Stand Compact

Compact shaftless unwind stand


is designed for unwinding paper and plastic, etc. The construction is designed to be compact where the working area is limited. The arms are manouvered by means of screw jacks to give the desired position.

Handling and manouvering of the unwind stand is easy.

We custom make and equip the components after the customer’s need.

The above stand is equipped with:

  • Pneumatic chuck for core diameters from 70 to 76 mm and with an adapter up to 100 mm and 150 mm.
  • Pneumatic regulated brake with a maximum 150 Nm breaking factor.
  • Control valve for web tension which senses the reels diameter.

Technical data for this roll stand:

  • Maximum roll width: 1600 mm
  • Minimum roll width: 600 mm
  • Maximum roll diameter: 1500 mm
  • Maximum roll weight: 2000 kg

Roll Stand Flex

Flexible shaftless unwind standUnwind roll stand 410

Built to unwind paper, plastic, etc. The arms are hydralically manouvered. Side adjustment of the reel can be made to the desired position. The construction allows several alternative directions of the paper web. Manouverability is easy made from the control panel located on each arm.

We custom make and equip the components after the customer’s need.

We customize after your needs.

Choose between motor-driven unwinding or brakes. We have the solution suitable for your need.

Add mechanically expandable chuck for a core diameter of 150 mm.

Web tension control is steered from a load-sensitive roll.

Technical data for this roll stand:

  • Maximum roll width: 1800 mm
  • Minimum roll width: 1000 mm
  • Maximum roll diameter: 2000 mm
  • Maximum roll weight: 3000 kg

Unwind roll stand 410

Carousel unwinder with splicing

Shaft less swing rack or carousel rack

Pivab’s shaft less swing rack or carousel rack accommodates two rolls and is built for unreeling corrugated cardboard, plastic, paper, etc. Movement of the arms is operated with a keypad in each arm.

The Unwinder is equipment with automatic splicing the next roll in order only needs to be provided with a double-sided tape, then it will automatically splice when the first reel ends.

Technical data for PIVAB’s carousel unwinder

  • Max roll width:                     1500 mm
  • Min roll width:                      500 mm
  • Max roll diameter:                 1300 mm
  • Max roll weight:                   500 kg

Flexible customer-specific solutions for unwinding.