Roll-slitting machine

Kundanpassade rullsärsystem

Roll-slitting machine with unwind stand and upender

The pictures shows a roll-slitting machine for corrugated bands with an unwind stand and upender. The machines are tailor made to suit the customers needs and can slit up to 35 bands down to a minimum of 40 mm. The rollers maximum diameter can be up to 1500 mm.
The rolls are unwound by means of a shaftless rollstand with a chuck which expands mechanically. The roll is braked pneumatically and is regulated by a dancer roll in order to apply constant web tension. The web edge is controlled, while running, by a photocell which is placed behind the dancer roll.

The bands are cut out with cross-cutting knives which rest against a glasshard shaft. Cutting width is easily determined by knives which are placed traversly and can be adjusted by a milimeter scale. Each knife has an individual quick-connect mechanism. Air pressure against the knife is constant during the running operation.

The winding process is a pneumatic, expanded shaft. The shaft is driven by a frequency controlled motor. This control of the motor gives a constant speed regardless of the reels diameter. The desired number of meters for each reel can be selected from the control panel. When the desired length is reached, the motor is breaked automatically to a stop. The bands are then automatically cut with the built-in knife. The reels are then taped and moved automatically from the shaft to the upender. The upender turns the reels 90° and moves them to a pallet. It is possible to load several reels on each pallet.

Technical data for this roll slitting machine:

  • Maximum roll width: 1500 mm
  • Maximum roll diameter: 1500 mm
  • Maximum roll weight: 500 kg
  • Maximum number of bands: 35 st
  • Maximum speed: 200 m/min

We custom make and equip the components after the customer’s need.

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