Production lines

Pivab create unique solutions for converting paper, corrugated paper, cardboard and plastic products in close cooperation with the client.

We manufacture in-line machines and complete production lines for a wide variety of fields:

  • Rewinding and slitting materials.
  • Unwinding from our roll stands.
  • Slitting and cutting materials.
  • Packaging, glueing, lamination and tape-applying solutions.

Our customer requests can be everything from small in-line solutions or fully automated converting lines.

Laminating line

We have delivered laminating lines that produce:
Disposable bed-sheets (Laminating, folding, cutting, stacking and bonded)
Current top production: 100 products/min

Disposable bibs (Laminating, welding, die-cutting, folding, cutting, stacking and enclosing in plastic bag)
Current top production: 530 products/min

Disposable washing gloves (Unwind with splicing ability, folding, welding, cutting, stacking and controll of stack)
Current top production: 660 products/min

We have experience in many types of systems:

  • Unwinding stands – Pivab have many different solutions in our catalog.
  • Tension and web-guiding systems – We have the solutions for your machine.
  • High precision ability on cutting, welding, die-cutting and folding – In close cooperation with PLC-developers we get the latest technology available.
  • Laminating with glue or heat roller – We have worked extensively with both systems.
  • Stacking – Pivab have developed an advanced stacking-unit that are able to stack 12 products per second in continuous production.
  • Pivab are also able to deliver a Plastic bagging machine to enclose stacks.
Production line for: Disposable bed-sheets PIVAB

Production line for: Disposable bed-sheets

Production line for: Disposable bibs PIVAB

Production line for: Disposable bibs

Disposable washing gloves Production line PIVAB

Production line for: Disposable washing gloves

Line to cut and rewind rubber membrane. 

Customized rewinder with web-guiding system and print solutions for both sides of the membrane.

The rolls are wrapped in plastic-protection

A linear-robot places the rolls in patterns on the pallet.

linear-robot place rolls on pallets

Linear-robot placing rolls on pallets

Rewinder rubber membrane

Rewinder –  Tape-applicators – Printing system – Automatic core-feeder

Production line wrapping roof tiles in plastic

Large conveyor that encloses the roof tiles in plastic and weld. Inline with robots and shrinking equipment.


Production line for Insect-protection to the reforestation industry.

Unwinding stand


Hot air to weld PE-coated cardboard

High precision cutter

Stacking of products.


Roll stand with spliceing ability. 

Unwinding for a converting line.

Automated splicing and tension-control.

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Tape application


Units that add tape at high precision to a product.