Enrouleur Semi-automatique

Semi automatic Slitter Rewinder Pivab machinery

Pivab’s semi-automatic rewinder offers
increased productivity and profitability

PIVAB Rewinder SFC 2501 – a semi-automatic rewinding machine for single face corrugated web. Rewinding can be done with or without cores .

SFC 2501 comes equipped with integrated web tension control. The machine is equipped with slitting knives of shear cutting type. Tubes and nozzles for surplus edge trim extrusion are included.

The SFC 2501 machine is designed to work inline with the corrugator or stand-alone with a roll stand.

The machine is equipped with a counter (in the PLC) for presetting required roll length in meters. The machine automatically comes to a stop when required length is reached.

The machine is delivered with an unloading table. After rewinding, the finished roll is pushed from the shaft by means of a motor driven ejector.


  • Additional slitting knives
  • Lifting table and conveyor belt
    The machine is delivered with a lifting table equipped with a conveyor belt. The lifting table moves up and unloads the shaft with the finished rolls. The rolls are pushed from the shaft to the end of the conveyor belt to be removed by e.g. a clamp truck or similar (clamp truck not included). Alternatively, with the optional Up-ender (see option below), the rolls could be raised on to a pallet for removal by fork truck.
  • Up-ender:
    With this option, (requires lifting table and conveyor belt), at the end of the conveyor belt there is an up-ender for erecting the rolls vertically on to a pallet. The rolls are transported automatically to the up-ender and there the operator needs to manually press a button to tilt the roll on to the pallet.
  • Scoring knives
  • Winding shafts with different diameters

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