Fully automatic single face rewinder

Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder offers increased productivity and profitability

Efficient, profitable production is a priority objective for any production company. Manufacturers of single face corrugated (SFC) are no exception. Whatever the product niche, the aim is always to achieve efficient, uninterrupted production and operation, in which each part of the plant can be optimally utilised.

Conventional slitters and rewinders often fail to support any such ambitions. They do not match the single facer’s capacity for speed, they limit the size of the finished rolls, they require costly, timeconsuming manual handling and they often create a poor working environment where employees have to contend with dust and lift heavy loads.

Our focus has been on eliminating these weaknesses, and we have now developed Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder.

Main features:

  • Continuos production
    – Dual shafts
    – Maintain speed even while rotating shafts
    – Cut in high speed
  • Uniform high quality
    – Razorblade knives
    – Minimize loops on the bridge with control of single facer speed
    – Less operator dependance with more automatic functions
  • Fast Pivab support with remote connection to our machines
  • Lifting table to support large rolls
  • Razorblade slitting knives, automatic or manual positioning
  • Pivab designed tape units, automatic or manual positioning
    – Tape-rolls can be changed while still rewinding
  • Core feeder, automatic or manual
  • Printer or label applicator alternatives
  • Edge trim
  • Scoring knives
  • Upender – rolls directly on a pallet

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“We’re with you all the way!”

We help survey and define your rewinding requirements. Using this information, we then suggest a solution based on our system of standard modules. Our undertaking includes delivery, installation, training and help with start-up.

Pivab offers a well-developed organisation, with good geographical coverage for fast, thorough service, support, spare parts stocking, etc.

Fully automatic – all the way to the pallet!

Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder has been developed to help enhance the efficiency of your production. Either of the two principal models with their associated optional programmes can always be integrated into your existing or planned production line for SFC, regardless of demands on roll dimensions, numbers out and production capacity.

One of the most obvious advantages of Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder is the high production speed that can be achieved by means of fully automatic reel changes during operation, along with the rapid, simple transition between production batches. Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder also offers a significantly improved working environment, partly thanks to user-friendly software and automated functions that eliminate the manual lifting of heavy loads.

Rewinder corrugated paper

Cutting and taping
Razorblade slitting knives and tape applicators. Can be outfitted with automatic positioning (Option).



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EN – Rewinder for corrugator single-facer
FR – Enrouleur pour onduleuse simple face
DE – Aufwickler für Wellpappen Herstellung einseitig kaschierter Wellpappe
PL – Nawijarka do tektury falistej tektury
CZ – Převíječka pro corrugator single-kráječ
IT – Riavvolgitore un foglio ondulato a faccia singola.
PT – Rebobinador para corrugador cartão canelado de simples face.
RU – перемотки для гофроагрегата одного-торцующего
BG – пренавивач за гофриране еднократна непреодолима трудност