Fully automatic single face rewinder

Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder offers increased productivity and profitability

Efficient, profitable production is a priority objective for any production company. Manufacturers of single face corrugated (SFC) are no exception. Whatever the product niche, the aim is always to achieve efficient, uninterrupted production and operation, in which each part of the plant can be optimally utilised.

Conventional slitters and rewinders often fail to support any such ambitions. They do not match the single facer’s capacity for speed, they limit the size of the finished rolls, they require costly, time-consuming manual handling and they often create a poor working environment where employees have to contend with dust and lift heavy loads.

Our focus has been on eliminating these weaknesses, and we have now developed Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder.
First of all, we would like to emphasize that PIVAB’s SFC 2583 is a fully automatic rewinder. This is the most important feature that distinguishes it from other rewinders on the market. Typically, most existing rewinders on the market require up to three persons to serve the machine during operation. Their tasks may include for example:

    • Manually cutting off the finished roll and sealing it as well as applying a label on the roll for identification.
    • Lifting off the finished roll(s) + spindle from the rewinder.
    • Pulling the spindle from the finished roll(s).
    • Lifting the finished roll(s) to a conveyor belt or a pallet.
    • Putting the spindle back in place on the rewinder.
    • Guiding new corrugated material for the next roll to start rolling.
    • Regulating the speed of the corrugator or rewinder.
    • Etc.

The above tasks take a lot of time, which slows down the production process. Also, product quality deteriorates since corrugated material accumulates on the well bridge. It also demands a lot of staff that are required to attend to the rewinding process more or less continuously as well as make heavy lifts and moves which often cause strains on the back and shoulders. Furthermore, close contact with rotating and moving material increase the risk for industrial accidents.

By installing a PIVAB automatic rewinder, the number of operators can most likely be reduced from three to one.



Benefits for the user

Operator panel with PLC control

Latest technology using communication bus for control of the rewinder’s functions.

Enables pre-programming of production batches.
Web tension control.
Synchronisation with corrugator.
Most processes can be supervised and adjusted from one place.

Web tension control

Two rollers in an S-configuration that can both brake the web and drive the web.

Enables web tension on outgoing rolls to be set from the operator panel. Regardless of the incoming web tension from the corrugator, web tension on finished rolls is regulated. The ability to drive the web is of extra importance during start up when otherwise the paper could be overstretched or break off.


As the roll diameter increases, the web tension is gradually decreased automatically.

Avoids the creation of so-called ‘Mexican hats’.

Pneumatically controlled accumulator (option)

Accumulator rolls are 2500 mm wide. Allows accumulation of corrugated web from corrugator while the rewinder changes reels.

No accumulation of web on the bridge between corrugator and rewinder.
Helps avoid surfaces of the corrugated web to ever touch each other. Especially suitable when rewinding self-sealing single face corrugated with an overcoating of cohesive that sticks only to itself.

Razorblade knives

Rotating knives of ‘razorblade’ type.

Enables web slitting with a smooth, exact cutting edge of the finished rolls. Avoids pressing the flute ‘pipes’ together as typically happens with shear cutting knives.


Position can be easily changed down to 80 mm distance between knives. Knives can be switched on/off.

Speeds up the process of changing from one production batch to another.


Automatic sharpening during operation.

Keeps slitting knives sharp without interruption.


Automatic slitting knife positioning (option)

Enables razorblade knives positions to be controlled from the control panel. Pre-programmed batches with information about roll length, roll widths, labels etc can be stored and recalled.

Scoring knives (option)

Fixed position scoring knives or adjustable scoring knives.


Inline extrusion (option)

Nozzles and tubes with possibility for connecting vacuum operated extrusion system

Automatically transports surplus edge trim from machine for recycling.

Frequency controlled motors


Enables flexible and detailed control over the rewinding process.

Automatic roll change

Two spindles on a rotating turret

Speeds up the roll changing process. Next roll can be started while the finished one is cut, sealed, labelled and transported away from the rewinder.


Pneumatic spindles

Allows rewinding with or without cores.


Web guide to initiate new roll

Allows new roll to start rolling without manual interference.

Automatic web cutter

Knife which cuts across the web when roll is finished. The machine keeps track of the length of web material that has been rolled. After a pre-programmed length has been reached, the rewinding stops and the web is cut automatically.

Speeds up roll change and eliminates need for manual interruption.

Automatic tape-unit

Automatically seals the roll after cutting.

Eliminates manual sealing.
Helps keeping the finished roll in good condition during transport.

Label printer (option)

Attaches an adhesive label on each finished roll. Text, graphics and bar codes can be controlled from the control panel.

Eliminates manual marking or attaching of labels.
Enhances the look and creates professional image on finished product.

Roll ejector

Motor driven rod to move finished roll from spindle

Eliminates the need for heavy lifts and manual transportation of finished rolls.

Lifting table / conveyor belt

Motor driven rollers. Moves finished rolls to upender or other device for further transportation.

Eliminates the need for heavy lifts and manual transportation of finished rolls.

Upender (option)

Raises finished roll on a pallet.

Eliminates the need for heavy lifts and manual transportation of finished rolls.

adobe-pdf-logo490x610PDF SFC2583


“We’re with you all the way!”

We help survey and define your rewinding requirements. Using this information, we then suggest a solution based on our system of standard modules. Our undertaking includes delivery, installation, training and help with start-up.

Pivab offers a well-developed organisation, with good geographical coverage for fast, thorough service, support, spare parts stocking, etc.

Fully automatic – all the way to the pallet!

Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder has been developed to help enhance the efficiency of your production. Either of the two principal models with their associated optional programmes can always be integrated into your existing or planned production line for SFC, regardless of demands on roll dimensions, numbers out and production capacity.

One of the most obvious advantages of Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder is the high production speed that can be achieved by means of fully automatic reel changes during operation, along with the rapid, simple transition between production batches. Pivab’s fully automatic slitter and rewinder also offers a significantly improved working environment, partly thanks to user-friendly software and automated functions that eliminate the manual lifting of heavy loads.

Rewinder corrugated paper

Cutting and taping
Razorblade slitting knives and tape applicators. Can be outfitted with automatic positioning (Option).



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EN – Rewinder for corrugator single face, rewinder machine manufacturers, slitting and rewinding machine, customized slitter machine, corrugated rolls
FR – Enrouleur pour onduleuse simple face
DE – Aufwickler für Wellpappen Herstellung einseitig kaschierter Wellpappe
PL – Nawijarka do tektury falistej tektury
CZ – Převíječka pro corrugator single-kráječ
IT – Riavvolgitore un foglio ondulato a faccia singola.
PT – Rebobinador para corrugador cartão canelado de simples face.
RU – перемотки для гофроагрегата одного-торцующего
BG – пренавивач за гофриране еднократна непреодолима трудност