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Sheet feeder for large blanks into a screen printer Minimera


Pivab’s fully automatic sheet feeder - from pallet to printed sheets

With our fully automatic sheetfeeder or pre-stacker we would like to offer our customers an effective and robust solution to place the blanks of cardboard or paper into the infeed section of the printer or the processing machine directly from the pallet.

The pallet with the blanks are placed with a forklift on the infeed table of the pre-feeder and the blanks are then separated and handled one at a time and placed into the processing machine for example a screen printer. The sheet feeder has a capacity of 600 sheets/hour and can manage large fromat blanks from 1080x1200 to 1600x3200mm.

Pivab's speciallity is as usual to focus on the customers specific needs and requirements and therefor an optimization of the design is made according to each customer.

We help survey and define your requirements. Using this information, we then suggest a solution based on our system of standard modules. Our undertaking includes delivery, installation, training and help with start-up.

Watch video Minimera

Click on the link below to watch a video of the large format sheet feeder.



 Watch video Automatic sheet feeder, SCA Packaging SE 

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