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The innovation company that designs and manufactures.

Our focus has since 1983 been on developing and manufacturing quality solutions and machines for the converting of paper, corrugated board industries. Our specialty is design, manufacturing and marketing of Automatic Slitting and Rewinding Machines.

We help survey and define your actual requirements and then suggest a competitive solution. Our undertaking includes delivery, installation, training and start-up help.
We manufacture machines in a wide variety of fields:

  • Rewinding and slitting materials.
  • Unwinding from our roll stands.
  • Slitting and cutting materials.
  • Packaging, gluing, lamination and tape-applying solutions.

Our customer requests can be everything from small in-line solutions or fully automated converting lines.

Pivab Machinery AB

Tel: +4611 – 32 55 00
Fax: +4611 – 32 55 10
Email: info@pivab.com
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